23 Mai 2016

once upon a time ..."Heimat 3"

Oberwesel - Günderodehaus, Filmhaus Heimat 3

What makes this restaurant unique a romantic Tudor style house high above the Rhine with a fantastic view of the Rhine Valley.
When to go  
Mo – Thu  11 am – 6 pm and
Fri & Sat 11 am – 8 pm

table reservation recommended: call ++49 (0)6744-714011.
The season usually starts around Easter.

How to go there  by car 55430 Oberwesel, Siebenjungfrauenblick or hiking-Tour from Oberwesel (45 minutes).   
What to eat   Enjoy a "home-coffee" delicious cherry Streusselkuchen, juicy chocolate nut cake. Try the classic „Pinot Noir forest berry compote“ or a simply delicious vanilla ice cream and cream !!! or other regional snacks.
What to do nearby Walk on the city wall „Begehbare Stadtmauer“: The walled city of Oberwesel with its 16 towers is the best preserved Walling on the Middle Rhine.

Minorite monastery; Rhine tour by boat